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Harborough Lofts Conversion

Loft Conversion! – The new home office!

With the events of 2020 (and now plenty of 2021!) meaning we’ve been travelling to the office less than usual and working from home a lot more, we decided to stop using the kitchen table and finally push the button on getting our loft conversion done.

We’d been thinking about converting the loft for a long while, but were always a bit concerned by stories of mess and noise, so having got the rest of the house just right, we were hesitant to open it up to all the dust and disruption, but with the house being taken over by work, we decided to go for it.

We chose a firm we’d heard good things about called Harborough Lofts. We are based in Market Harborough, so had some word of mouth nods that the team were efficient and the results we’d seen in the village looked great.

We were really impressed to see how the team got the scaffolding in place and then lifted (on a vast lorry-based crane) the building materials up and over the house, so they were sat on the scaffolding at the loft-level, ready to be used for the conversion. They made a hole in the roof, then accessed the loft through this hole…. For nearly the whole conversion project! The only time the Harborough Lofts guys were in the house is when they put the staircase in at the end. Other than delivering a few cups of tea and the odd biscuit, we barely saw them and the noise dust was really not noticeable.

It’s not often we mention anything outside of garden furniture here, but the team at Harborough Lofts were such a pleasure to work with, we thought we’d flag it, so anyone in the Market Harborough or surrounding areas who is looking for a company to undertake a conversion might spot this and give them a call.

The best bit about the conversion is the huge window, that looks out over the trees in the Great Bowden park. Will be a great backdrop for the Bau Outdoors home office (and maybe a master suite when things all get back to normal).

The windows are held up, in much the same way some of our furniture customers are having to wait, due to all the shipping issues the UK (and world) are currently experiencing, but we’ll be sure to post some shots of the finished loft conversion when it’s all complete. For now, a couple of tasters…

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