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Rope Outdoor Chair

“Rope” Outdoor Chair – something a bit different…

Introducing our new “Rope” outdoor chair – a beautiful combination of style and comfort. This chair is designed to stand out in any outdoor space, with its unique use of synthetic rope in its construction. Not only does this material add a contemporary touch to the chair’s design, but it also delivers supreme comfort.

The Rope outdoor chair features a powder-coated aluminium frame, which is both lightweight and strong. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, as it can withstand the elements and is easy to move around. However, what sets this chair apart is its seat core, which is made from a synthetic anthracite rope.

The synthetic rope used in the construction of the Rope outdoor chair is a highly resilient material that is soft to the touch and makes a welcome change from the plastic woven furniture we see so often. It is also easy to clean, making it perfect for outdoor use. The rope seat core adds a unique touch to the chair’s design, giving it a contemporary look that suits modern outdoor spaces and is perfect for either private or commercial / high-traffic settings.

In addition to its stylish design, the Rope outdoor chair is also incredibly comfortable. The synthetic rope seat core conforms to the body, providing excellent support for a relaxing seating experience. Included is a charcoal seat pad, hand-made using Olefin outdoor fabric, which will not fade or rot and can be washed easily.

The Rope outdoor chair is the perfect choice for those who appreciate contemporary design and quality craftsmanship. Its use of synthetic rope in its construction delivers a unique and modern look that will make a statement in any outdoor space. The chair’s comfort and durability make it a wise investment, as it will provide years of enjoyment.

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