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Customer Shots Menton Sofas 7

Amazing customer Menton Garden Sofa shots!

It’s always great to get photos from customers of our furniture in it’s new home. One of our recent customers was kind enough to share some great images of their new Menton garden sofa and armchairs in a rather stunning setting. We thought we’d share them here to give an idea of how the Menton sofas and armchairs work in this kind of space. With many of our customers having contemporary outdoor settings, it’s great to see how well the Menton works in this more traditional garden setting.

The customer chose the grey Olefin fabric for their cushions, which works really well. We have a number of outdoor fabric shades in the same all-weather material; Black, Navy, Grey, Cream and the new Charcoal shade. We have our own upholstery team, who craft your cushions by hand, so feel free to get in touch with any requests.

Remember our ‘Free Champagne’ offer… Any customer sending in images of their outdoor furniture gets a free bottle of Champagne sent out, so they can christen their furniture properly!

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 7

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 6

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 5

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 4

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 3

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 2

Customer Shots Menton Sofas 1

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